Video – Market Day Kildare Town 2005

kildare town market square round tower thursday market

Filmed on location in Kildare Town’s Market Square. This video was created by Dean Kelly as part of a collage project back in 2005.

15 years later, I wonder where these people are now?

The 13th of October 2005, it was a crisp Thursday Morning in Kildare Town. Thursday been Market Day, the Town Square was busy with traders setting up their stalls as the sun started to rise.

Not long after the sunrise, locals started to appear. It was a weekly routine for most, catch up chats with the traders while haggling for a few bargains.

I have fond memories of many a market day with my mother and Mary Walsh. Battling the early morning cold trip over on the bus from the Curragh Camp, looking forward to having a browse. Praying school dental appointments would be scheduled for a Thursday, so afterwards I could go up the road to the Kildare market.

No trip to the Kildare market was complete without a warm soup and toasted sandwich from Boland’s!

This is one of my favorite video projects, enjoy! If you know anyone in the video please share it with them.

The beautiful music is by Stina Nordenstam – ” Little Star ”

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