Hello world!

A picture paints a 1000 words. A website can publish a 1000 more. Together combined, we have the ability to create an archive. A collection of work, that can be broadcasted to an infinite number of viewers. The desire to publish my work has always been there, I’ve tried a few times but never got the natural flow. Creating content and broadcasting it to the world to get attention was the failed mind set, it never made sense. Whats the point, at the end of the day, whats it worth? Now more than ever it makes more sense to have my own platform. This website is not controlled by any algorithm or agenda except my own. A representation of my work and to give an insight into who I am as a photographer. A place where I can share travel stories and pictures of the amazing people I’ve met along the way. The posts I create here, won’t disappear into the noise of a scrolling Instagram feed. They’ll stay here as my archive, my collection and ready here waiting for me to post again when ever I want. This website will serve me and my body of work as a place to archive. Viewing pleasure is something we can all create, and we should be actively creating it because the things we create now, will tell the story of the times once forgotten. When we click we record moments, when we publish we document life. Documenting life is important.

I love photography, its fueled my life and inspired my travels. Traveling will change your life, I hope my photography will inspire you to travel.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Susan Jeffers

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